I want to express how this product line came to be: for the last 19 years, its development has been on my mind. I believed there should be everyday products to cleanse energy, so I researched the most appropriate ingredients and had a very good manufacturer create the line for me. Creating such a line can be very expensive – there is development, followed by testing and retesting until it’s perfect, web site development, advertising, acquiring quality products, and properly balancing ingredients. So, it not only supports my spiritual intent to cleanse, but also lasts and acts as a true beauty product. 

The softest, moistest creams and oils to love the body. Sprays and scrubs that exceed not only physical, but also spiritual expectations. I am not making much profit; as a matter of fact, I’ve factored a donation into the cost of each product purchased. 

Three million Americans suffer from dementia each year, and still, there is no cure. My own father suffered and, ultimately, died from this horrible disease. As a result, I hope these donations can act as my contribution to ensuring that no one else suffers from this disease. 

Additionally I’ve included a button below to donate directly to the organization I’ve chosen to work with, this in case you wish to make a direct donation to them.